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My plans for the Autumn*

August 27, 2018

And before you even know it, it’s almost September! Total madness right?! I kind of felt like this summer went by in a flash of heat waves and sleepless nights. As we had our holiday in May at the very beginning of summer, I felt like the summer months were a little uninspired.

But I’m determined to not let that happen in the Autumn months ahead. Autumn is probably my favourite time of year so I thought that actually planning some fun stuff to do will help me make the most of the months ahead!

Start a new job!

Ahh I know, I haven’t really talked about it on the blog but I’ve got a new job! Woo – it’s been in the pipeline for awhile but I have a long notice period so actually start at the end of September. It’s still doing the same role I’ve been doing but for a new company. Plus it cuts my commute in half which will be so welcome – I’ve definitely spent too much of my time on the jubilee line lately!

Sort out my bedroom furniture

You might have seen we got a new mattress! Well, that has made me totally inspired to try and redo the bedroom. I’m not sure what exactly I want to do to it, but it’s definitely time for a makeover! I’m not the best when it comes to interior design but at least I’m trying! I recently visited an amazing furniture store in Wellington to get some inspiration and I think I’ve found the perfect chair to have in the corner of my bedroom. Other than that, I’m not too sure what else to do. I spent so long looking for a decent mattress because I’m quite picky when it comes to sleep. I’ve had a few mattresses in the past that have been really uncomfy so I wanted to make sure that when I was buying this one, it would be perfect. Luckily there are loads of reviews and guides online that helped me make my decision and I’m so happy with it. I chose it from some of the top mattress options in 2020 and I don’t regret my decision at all. I don’t think I’ve ever slept so well!! Anyway, it inspired me to redecorate my bedroom too. We haven’t changed the furniture in there since we moved in and the wardrobe and chest of drawers are definitely past their best. Even our walls are in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint! Some friends of mine have actually recommended that I should get some wall decals. Wall stickers make decorating so much easier so I think I am definitely going to take them up on that suggestion! Anyway, in terms of new furniture, I’ve actually been searching on Ebay and found a fab service called Shiply*. They basically help you find an ebay delivery driver to collect something locally and deliver quickly and easily to you! I love that they use spare capacity of other deliveries which means that we cut down on wasteful journeys – ideal really.

Have a little trip to Bournemouth

In between my jobs I have a little bit of time off so we are going to head down to the coast. I haven’t done much of that area and the New Forest has been on my list for aaaages. I’m definitely excited to explore and I will be oh so excited if we get to spot some of the wild horses. I’m looking forward to have a little bit of switching off time – especially as I have no holidays booked at all at the moment!

Try out some more food markets

One of the best bits of London is the fab food markets! I haven’t explored them enough and I really want to go back to some too. I definitely have the Camden haloumi fries on the list and I want to go back to Mercato Metropolitano as well. There’s a new one near to us in Fulham that has just opened too. I think Autumn will continue the trend of great food!

Go to some London exhibits

After a fair few years in the city I’ve definitely fallen out of going to see new museum exhibits. In fact, I haven’t been back to any of the big museums in aaaaages. I want to do some proper scouting to find out what is coming up in the Autumn and I’m determined to get to at least a couple of new exhibitions!

Try and get back into an exercise routine

Ah the one which always seems to be on the list! I’ve been getting a bit better with the whole exercise thing. I’ve got back into the fitbit life and have been determined to hit those 10K steps each day. That said, I want to make sure I’m incorporating some other forms of exercise in there too. I’ve been meaning to get back to a regular yoga practice and to get back out on the bike soon. I’m really hoping that I can soon make my commute by cycling to which will really help this plan!

There we have it, my plans for Autumn. I’m going to check back in when we are hitting Winter to see how I did! What kind of plans do you have for Autumn?

*Post written in collaboration with Shiply

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