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10 Happy Things #66

September 2, 2018

Ohh this is my first post using the fancy Gutenberg editor! If you’re on wordpress definitely give it a go. When you activate it then it will give you a test post which you can publish to see how your theme handles it. I did it on my staging site but it’s a nice test to see if it will mess anything up!

Luckily the old theme has stood the test – I do need a new one but that’s a job for later in the year. The new editor definitely has more of a squarespace vibe and hopefully will make people a little less scared of WordPress!

Anyway, enough editors, onto happy things!

1 A dreamy long weekend – oh the long weekend! I’m in seriously lack of annual leave at the moment, I basically have two days between now and the end of the year – what with long holidays and then starting a new job towards the end of the year. So having a long weekend was just the best!

It was a lovely combination of seeing friends, doing a lot of embroidery, being cozy and going for adventures. On the Monday Erica and I headed out to the RHS at Wisley which was super lovely – full of amazing gardens! 

2 Doing some awesome coaching. I don’t mention it much at the moment but I’ve still being doing some blog coaching and really enjoying it! I needed to find a way to balance it with everything else in life which is why I haven’t been promoting as much but I do have some slots coming up if you’re interesting! 

3 Having an Autumnal day. On my long weekend, the rains properly hit on the Sunday. Like a proper rainy day which was at least 10 degrees colder than the other days! So I did the reasonable thing and hibernated!

I basically spent all day wrapped up in a duvet all cozy and happy. I baked some bread, set a stew cooking on the stove all day long and lit some of the new candles.

4 Stitching on some clothes! It’s been on my list to do to stitch on clothes for aaaages. And I finally got around to it! I stitched this little flower pattern onto a t-shirt and was really happy with how it turned out. Really transformed an old £2 primark number. It was nice to be able to take one of my creations out and about rather than being shown off at home! 

5 Starting #britishstitchers. I’ve been wanting to start something to try and bring some more British stitchers together. There are lots of communities online for stitchers as a whole, or American stitchers but not much for us in the UK! I’m running the instagram account of @britishstitchers where I share gorgeous embroideries and other creations from awesome British makers, if you’re a maker or you just like pretty things in your feed then you should check it out! 

6 Going to a lovely family wedding. The weekend before we went to our only wedding of the year! Pauls cousin got married in Putney and it was a beautiful day – such a nice venue by the river and it was lovely to catch up with everyone too. 

7 New plant babies. So as I mentioned in my how to be a plant lady post, my fern is not a happy bunny. So I’ve moved it into plant corner with the hope that other healthy plants may make it a bit happier. This meant I had a space in the bedroom – I opted for a snake plant as they are pretty happy in shady spots. After an Instagram vote, he is named Spike! 

8 Harry Potter on audiobook. Oh is there anything better? I finished listening to number 6 and just started on number 7. It’s narrated by Stephen Fry who is just the most calming person to listen to. Not sure what I’ll do after 7 – do I go back to 1?! Or go back to 5? I’m definitely going to need something to fill my listening time! 

9 Finishing my photo albums. I’ve been trying to make sure I print out some actual physical photos. I’ve been doing it on and off so had a few half filled albums – but I managed to do a bulk transfer off my phone and get loads printed! So my albums are now all full with all the holidays we’ve done over the past 3 years! 

10 Posts I’ve enjoyed lately: 
– Jaye is starting a new project called Hunting for Autumn which I am here for – loving the Autumnal vibes!
– I loved Sophies post on ‘why is nobody talking about how great your late twenties are‘ – I’m definitely loving mine!
– Amandas post about ‘On Settling‘ really resonated too – being happy and content is such a goal for me.

Phew there we have it – a few teething problems with the editor on links and inserting old pics but I’m sure that they will sort themselves before the full launch!

Now, what’s been making you happy lately? 

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