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10 Happy Things #67

September 25, 2018

Phew, the blog has been properly neglected lately! I’d say hopefully I’ll write more soon but I just haven’t had much heart for it lately. I think life is so busy at the moment that it’s just a little on the bottom of the list. I start my new job on Monday eek! So hopefully one I’ve settled into that, life will be a little calmer.

That said, I’ve had a good few weeks and here are some of the happy moments!

1 A little break to Bournemouth + the New Forest. I ended up having a few days off in between changing jobs. And I just happened to have a load of Hilton points which were about to expire! So I decided it was the perfect excuse to have a little break. I’ll hopefully right a full post but Paul and I had such a great few days! The New Forest was beautiful and I loved all the horses. We ate lots of good food, visited Durdle Door and played on 2p machines. Perfect to unwind before starting a new job!

2 British Stitchers challenge. I ran a 5 day challenge over on British Stitchers on Instagram and so happy with how it went! Not only did it force me to actually post for 5 days in a row (a feat which doesn’t happen often!) but I connected with so many new stitchers! I can’t wait to do another one.

3 Going to a craft fair. I attended my first Handmade Fair! I was proud that I sucked up the courage to go by myself which was a new thing for me and it was great to see all the stalls. I did a brush lettering workshop which was really interesting too. I’ve actually won a ticket to the Knitting and Stitching show in a few weeks so hopefully that will be good too!

4 Heading to Manchester. We popped up to Manchester for a long weekend to visit the family. Of course, it rained a whole lot. But we still had a great time exploring Dunham Massey and finding a new pub to visit for dinner.

5 A supper club. I finally went to my first supper club! We went to the Kino Vino supper club thanks to a present from my sister and it was great. We watched a film first – Love Serenade, a rather odd Australian film before having a 4 course meal. I really want to go to more in future!

6 Sorting my succulent. I chopped up my succulent! Basically I had a super weird succulent which had started to outgrow itself. So I did some propogating and chopped it all up in the hope that it will grow lots of little succulents! I’ve got about 3 taking shape so far, but I’m hoping another 10 or so will follow suit!

7 Learning a new stitch. Ever since I’ve started embroidery I’ve been trying to learn this silly bullion stitch. I just couldn’t get the hang of it! But with the help of my Gran in Manchester I’ve finally got it down and loving the new texture to bring to my pieces.

8 Playing with stop motions. I did a stop motion earlier in the year but decided as part of the British Stitchers challenge to do another couple and was super happy with them! I definitely want to do some more when I have enough time to create something awesome.

9 Finishing my current job. A happy but sad thing!! It was really sad to leave my old job and I’ll miss them loads, but also nice to be moving onto something new. They bought me some lovely leaving gifts too which was so kind of them!

10 Posts I’ve enjoyed reading this week:

Eek by the time you’ll be reading this I’ll have started my new job! So fingers crossed!!

What’s made you happy lately?

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