Planning an Autumn break in Brighton*

September 30, 2018

I’ve been getting really into my staycations this year. I mean, I do love a 3 week jaunt across the other side of the world. But when you’re wanting something a bit more relaxing, then there’s nothing better than just piling into the car (or train!) and popping to somewhere within the UK.

And where better to head to, than Brighton*! I’ve been to Brighton a few times but it’s still one of my favourite places to visit if I need a few days away. Plus it’s a good spot to visit all year round. I’m collaborating with the fabulous Best of Brighton to share why you should plan a little trip down there this Autumn.

How to get there

Brighton is a super easy spot to get to with it’s quick connections into London. If you’re coming from London then the train only takes just over an hour often from Victoria. And you can get a cheap fare if you’re going off peak too. We’ve driven there too and it’s generally a speedy drive down to the Coast.

Brighton itself has good public transport on the buses but it’s always easier with a car (though keep in mind parking charges too!).

Where to stay

Well I’ve been browsing the Original Cottages options and there are some beauts on offer. I think it’s so nice to have something self catered so that you can really relax – some days you can head out and about but you always have the option of relaxing and cooking at your accommodation too. This Brunswick cottage in Hove would be a great base to have a week away, or this Terra Nostra flat would put you in a perfect location!

What to do

Explore the beach and pier

Of course, the most obvious thing is to explore the coast! I really enjoy the beaches by Brighton. Most of them are pebble beaches but I do enjoy that for good strolls along. You can walk a good length across, and you know if it is summer then the pebbles definitely don’t stop you from getting a towel out and doing some sunbathing!

I love the pier at Brighton too – nothing better than playing on some 2p machines and eating a giant ice cream. Plus you get some beautiful views back across the beaches.

Wander through the Lanes and do some shopping

The best bit about visiting Brighton is definitely the shopping. The city is home to so many independent shops which are so great to have a wander around. With a lot of high streets struggling around the country, it’s amazing to have a wander where it’s thriving.

The lanes are split into different areas and each have an abundance of shops. Last time I picked up a variety of things from clothes to candles!

Visit the Brighton Pavilion

You can’t miss the Brighton Pavilion – it appears as soon as you get off the train! Not only is it beautiful to wander around outside – the gardens are gorgeous, but it’s great to go inside too. If you’re a fan of history or visiting Stately homes then this is a perfect activity to do.

Eat some amazing vegan food 

Brighton is definitely home of amazing vegan food. Many great vegan restaurants have started here as a lot of the population are plant based. I can definitely recommend Purezza which I tried the London branch of – proper vegan pizza is a good thing!

Venture far and wide nearby 

Not only is Brighton centre a great place to explore, but there are loads of lovely areas to explore nearby. I really enjoyed visiting the Devils Dyke which is a giant valley nearby – you can such gorgeous views across the hills and there is a great pub at the top too – just what you need. You’re also really close to the outer edges of the South Downs National Park which is a fab place to do some day hikes.

Where to read more

So if you are planning a trip then here are a few places to do a bit of further reading:

I can’t wait to head down to Brighton more often and hopefully you have some ideas for a trip of your own!

Have you ever been to Brighton?

*Collaborative post with the Ordinary Cottages family but all content is my own!

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