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Postcards from the Isle of Wight, UK

September 11, 2018

I’ve wanted to visit the Isle of Wight for aaaages. Like proper ages. It’s where my grandparents went on their honeymoon and I worked down by Portsmouth for a year and was constantly staring out over to that little island in the bay.

So when Erica informed me that we were taking a wee weekend road trip over to the Isle*, I was suuuper excited. Unfortunately for us, we are both on a grand total of 0 days of annual leave left, so we decided that we would fit as much as we could into the two weekend days. In this post I’m just going to ramble about our lovely weekend, but I have a more extensive ‘What to do in the Isle of Wight’ post coming up next week, so keep an eye out for that for more details!

On Saturday morning, I peeled myself out of bed bright and early before jumping in the car and picking Erica up from the station. Obviously living in London, I don’t use the car that much anymore so going on a road trip brings extra excitement! We headed off down to the coast on the same route I used to take to work and made our way to the ferry terminal in Southampton.

We headed over to the Isle of Wight with Red Funnel Ferries* – the only vehicle ferry across. I hadn’t been on a vehicle ferry since NZ, and even then I was never the one driving! I wasn’t sure what the process even was but after making a little queue, we were directed quickly up and onto the car deck where we headed out to the passenger decks. I was super impressed with how quickly they can get so many cars on and off a ferry!

The ferry itself was only an hour – a little longer than the passenger ferries which can get you across in 20 minutes or so. But it’s a nice journey down the Solent and as we picked a beaming weekend, we spent most of it staring at all the other little boats out on their journeys.

When we made it to the Isle of Wight, we jumped back in the car and headed off for a drive. We managed to fit in looooads in our two days. And of course, eat lots of amazing food and wine – what kind of holiday is it if it doesn’t include that!

Our afternoon we spent at Farringford House, where the poet Tennyson lived. They have gorgeous walled gardens and it was blissful wandering about in the sunshine prior to a house tour. The Isle of Wight is actually one of the sunniest places in the UK which I can definitely believe after our stunning weather!

After a drive across the island – which does most definitely remind me of the rolling hills which we saw when we drove around Jersey – we headed to our hotel. We were SO lucky to be staying at the amazing Haven Hall which is in Shanklin.

Haven Hall is a boutique hotel set right on the top by the coast with just the most stunning views. The whole place has recently been refurbished and we were even luckier to get a room each whilst we stayed. I loved the decor – my room came set with chandelier, little bed curtains and beautiful old embroideries framed on the walls – which I always love to see!

We had a wander around the gardens, taking in the views and wishing we had bought our swimming costumes for a dip in the pool! We headed for a long walk around Shanklin and to Shanklin Chine that evening before relaxing in the giant bed for a very relaxing nights sleep.

On Sunday we had a wee lie in before having a proper big breakfast. Our second day consisted of cycling, walking and eating. To be honest it mainly consisted of eating and I was so happy with that. We had an aaaamazing meal at Three Buoys restaurant and I was very happily full of mussels for most of the day.

After a good wander around the garlic farm, and very much enjoying trying the variety of garlic based products, we headed back to the ferry to make our journey home. I have to say that I loooved the Isle of Wight, it was a proper dream to visit and somewhere I very much want to go again. It felt like we could’ve been miles away but we were only a couple of hours from home.

If you fancy a little staycation, which I’m very much embracing this year, then make sure you get the Isle of the Wight on your list to visit!

Have you been to the Isle of Wight?

*We were invited on a press trip to the Isle but all loving opinions are my own! 

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