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10 Happy Things #68

October 12, 2018

Oh man, I find these updates a little hard at the moment – basically whenever I feel a bit blue it just doesn’t flow. But my sister has informed me that she doesn’t know what’s going on with me unless I blog. And as I assume that she is probably one of the only people left that read the blog anymore, I feel the need to deliver. So here are some things which I’ve been enjoying over the past couple of weeks….

1 A weekend in Bristol. I headed to Bristol for a weekend to celebrate Pauls fams birthdays. I really like Bristol and although the weather was a bit rubbish it was just nice to get out of London for a little while. Plus we had a good drive both ways and that reminds me just how easy it is to explore areas of the UK.

2 My Kitchen Rules Australia. Man I love this show. I used to watch this and Masterchef Australia religiously when I wasn’t in the UK. And how pleased was I when I spotted this on Now TV. Though it expired in 10 days so I took it upon myself to get watching. It wasn’t the whole season (which is like 50+ episodes) only the last 20 or so. I did a lot of stitching and a lot of watching and I love Pete and Manu just as much.

3 Punch needling. I went to a punch needle class at Tea and Crafting on Monday. Which was exciting for 2 reasons, one I managed to go by myself and two, I learnt something new! I’m generally happy doing most things by myself – from eating alone to popping to the cinema but for some reason I’ve always felt classes like this are more of a social thing. Though I was totally wrong as all the attendees were there solo. I’m happy with my piece – it’s the total opposite to the normal delicate organza pieces I do – thick fabric, thread and punching. Hopefully a few more will be made once I can get my hands on some proper hessian.

4 Strictly. I feel like my happy things is turning into the highlights of what I’ve been watching lately but I’ve turned into a bit of a hermit, just sitting at home and sewing with no holidays booked. But for the first year I’ve started watching strictly. No idea why I haven’t before considering I enjoy ballroom dancing, maybe I used to be more social on a Saturday night? But I am enjoying it.

5 Money and investing. Because I work from home, I have more time in my day than I used to because I don’t need to worry about commuting. So, I’ve been using this time to look into investing and cryptocurrency. I missed the initial boom but now sites like make it clear that you can still make money off them!

6 Autumnal weather. I went out with Katy hunting for Autumn leaves only to find none. But that won’t stop me from enjoying Autumn. There are definitely enough leaves on the floor, the trees themselves just still seem green. That said, I’ve been lunch time walking through some beautiful colours and am ready to go brown tree hunting in the coming weeks.

7 Making my lunch. I know this isn’t exciting but one of the things I was worried about with my current job was that I wasn’t in walking distance of Pret which has basically been my lunch most days over the last year. So I’ve thrown myself into lunch prep and actually bringing it into work. I’ve managed to do the majority of days so far – mainly cooking very big dinners which then portion out over lunches. It also means that I’m more encouraged to actually cook bigger meals in the evening rather than just pick up something quick and easy to shove in the oven. Hopefully improvements all round!

8 Porridge. As part of the whole lunch thing and now I’ve been leaving home for work later than before, I’ve started having breakfast at home and have dived back into the world of porridge. It’s so yum. I make mine with coconut milk and add blueberries and grapes so that they go all soft when it cooks then just a little bit of real manuka honey on top. Yum.

9 Audiobooks. Still on the audiobook wagon and enjoying it. I have the audible one book a month thing. This month it was The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson – I loved his podcast and loved his audiobook too. If you have any good recommends then please through them my way.

10 Posts I’ve enjoyed this week.

What have you been enjoying lately?

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