My embroidery creations #3

October 16, 2018

Time for another update of what I’ve been busy stitching lately! Sometimes I wonder why I don’t get more than one blog post a week (ish) out at the moment, then I remember that all my previous blogging time is now pretty much all sewing time. And well, I’m pretty happy with that balance at the moment. I need some sewing to chill me out at the moment!

And when I was looking into this post, I realised how little time I’ve been doing my transparent hoops! They’ve been taking over a lot of my thoughts in recent weeks so it definitely feels like a whole lot longer… That brings me onto hoop number one…

Transparent spring hoop – my first attempt at stitching on organza! I had seen a couple of hoops online done with transparent fabric – tulle or organza. So when I was in Hobbycraft I had to go and pick some up. Although this one was very much a learning curve to get right, I was really happy with the finished product. Though I’m still struggling to secure the fabric in a way which actually looks good!!

Painted bees – after organza, I went back to finishing off a couple of hoops which I had painted previously. I wanted to finish these off as I had a giveaway in mind with them. I did them based on my let it be hoop and was very pleased – especially with the dandelion one (looks so good but is super speedy which is my ideal combination). They are also the first two which I did some little buzzy bees on – I now basically want to put them in every hoop.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow – This was a mixed hoop, I was pleased with how the yellow roses turned out. I finally tried some of the different thread combinations and thought they looked best. However, this was the first hoop which I did as a commission and then they never paid for it! I mean, it was my own fault for doing everything in the wrong order but still, it’s put me off paid commissions for sure.

Transparent summer hoop – Apparently a glutton for punishment, I decided to do an even bigger transparent hoop! Though I modified the pattern so that it most definitely did not fill the entire hoop. I also got the tassels to work on this hoop which meant it was easier to fill in the space rather than the fiddley little daisies.

British Stitchers – If you haven’t already seen, I’ve been running the British Stitchers Instagram account for a couple of months now. I wasn’t sure if it was going to turn into anything but it’s been going really well! So I decided it was time to make it a proper hoop to be the logo – so this was just a quick hoop I whipped up which has done the job nicely.

Eva Victoria – The lovely Clare had her baby recently and asked me to do a little hoop for the nursery! It was nice to do something for a special occasion – and I went all out with the flowers. I tried some larger flowers which I did a bit of thread painting on – was very happy with the darker flower. Plus it’s always nice to get a new type of floral to put in new pieces!

Transparent Autumn hoop – more transparent! I’ve been trying to work on seasons and this time I did a teeny tiny oval hoop to represent Autumn which always seems to pass in the blink of an eye to me. I wasn’t super happy with this one – I wanted to do some autumnal leaves but definitely think there is a better way of getting them to turn out. That said, it did meet the Autumn brief so I’m happy!

Bullion hoop flowers – If there is a stitch I’m incapable of doing, it is a bullion stitch! I’ve spent ages trying to get this little knot down and I just couldn’t do it. Luckily, my grandma can and with a new special needle I was off making all of the bullion knots! And like many things, the best way to remember a new stitch is to do loads of them. So I did a hoop dedicated to lots of little blue flowers, and added some tiny bees in for good measure too.

Luckily we are now heading into the exciting season of hoops – Christmas! I need to somehow have a balance of making peoples presents and try not to just do constant festive hoops. The flat will soon have far too many hoop decorations!

Which one of these is your fave?

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