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10 Happy Things #69

November 6, 2018

Shall we start off this blog post by talking about the future of this blog? I debated putting it into a stand alone post but I want to keep it brief. I’ve definitely been writing less on the ol’ blog lately. I’ve generally just been thinking about it less, where I would once always be thinking about post ideas and when I could get to a keyboard to write, I’ve just not been.

And I do think there’s two reasons here – I’ve got a new hobby in the whole embroidery / crafty thing, and my whole life routine hasn’t felt like it’s been settled since at least July, and I don’t think it will settle down until part way through next year.

So this is an announcement that the blog isn’t going anywhere. I’ll always be keeping it up and basically will just be writing when I get the time and head space to make it work. It will be weird and sparse for the next few months but hopefully next year I might get back into the whole writing rhythm.

It’s also weird as I feel like this is happening to a lot of people as the whole blogosphere has felt really different in recent months. Maybe it’s just the evolution of the platform, but hopefully we will all stick around tapping some thoughts into the world.

Anywhos, lets talk about some happy things that have been happening lately!

1 I decided to stop being scared and sell some of my embroidery. I’ve been debating for mooonths whether to sell my embroidery. And I don’t think that this is the start of some kind of permanent shop, but I had 7 finished hoops which I wasn’t sure what to do with. Most of my friends / family already had a hoop so I’ve decided to just pop them on Etsy and see what happens. If you do like my embroidery and fancy and look you can check them out here.

2 Everything Autumn. I’ve been embracing Autumn in full force! From jumping through crispy leaves to stitching up an orange themed storm. I think as the summer was so hot, this year the change into Autumn has been particularly noticeable. I’m hoping it sticks around for a few more weeks at least!

3 Macrame. I have been trying to do some macramé for ages – I’ve ordered macramé cord on amazon twice and both times it hasn’t turned up. Luckily third time was the charm and the stars aligned that I had cord, a macramé book and a free day all at the same time! So on Saturday I did all of my chores before getting into my PJs, lighting candles, putting good TV on and learning some skills. I’m super happy with my plant holder that I made. It’s a fun little craft and nice that you can make a finished piece in just a few hours. Expect some more in future!

4 Quiet weekends. I’ve been having some proper quiet weekends lately. With no travel booked and life being a bit confusing, I’ve been making less plans and hanging at home more. It’s nice to look to a weekend and only have one little plan and plenty of time to just do what I feel like! That said, I’m now pretty busy over weekends until the new year, but tis the season and I’m sure it will be back to quiet weekends in the new year!

5 London Craft Club Halloween fun – I got invited down to the London Craft Club in Bloomsbury to do some Halloween crafts and it was awesome. They have such a cozy set up which is perfect for crafts and the guys that run it are so lovely. We did some Halloween flower crown making. I decided to make my first ever pompoms which was super exciting. I now want to make pompoms all the time.

6 Lidl. I know I’m like 10 years behind on the whole Lidl and budget supermarket thing but omg it is a life changer. I’ve been actively making the journey across to Tooting to go and shop at Lidl to get all of the cheap food. The fact that I can get most of my weekly shop for under £30 is amazing. I do usually top up from another shop but it is still a significant decrease in my crazy spending on food!

7 Dalloway Terrace. I finally made it to the very Instagrammable Dalloway Terrace for Katy and Ericas birthday. It is pretty dreamy with its current Autumn get up. I also very much enjoyed the food and drink which sometimes doesn’t always translate in these fancy kind of restaurants. The prosecco flowed and I had some deeelish salmon. I’d definitely go back to see their changing décor!

8 Oddbox. Carrying on with the whole food thing. I ordered my first oddbox and was really happy with it. The idea is that they go around and source fruit and vege which would normally be thrown out due to silly food standards, and then send it to you instead! It’s supposedly wonky veg but to be honest, my first box has all looked pretty normal to me – except maybe the tiny avocados which are perfect to be slathered on toast. The box has made me cook some veges I usually would avoid – thinking cabbage and squash and really expanded what I’ve been making. Definitely looking forward to my next one!

9 It’s kind of getting to the best time of the year… It’s my birthday in less than two weeks which is exciting and then it proper gets into Christmas time. I’ve been having a few thoughts about presents etc which I need to put into action!

10 Posts I’ve enjoyed this week…..

So there we have it, thoughts on the whole blogging debate and what’s been making you happy lately please!

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