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The best bits of the Christmas season

November 30, 2018

Can we believe that it’s almost December?! I definitely cannot. This year feels short and long all at the same time. But I feel like it’s time to get myself feeling a bit more festive. I think in previous years I’ve done a lot more Christmas blogging and that really helps get the feelings of Christmas going! So I’m going old school and going to talk about the best bits of the upcoming festive season.

Sorting out presents

Not gonna lie, I do love receiving a present but I also very much enjoy picking out the perfect present for everyone in my family too. I am always on sites like Crunch Reviews, looking to see which gadgets and tech have got the best review and is the most reliable. I would like to think I know my family and friends every well so my gift choices usually go down well, or they’re very good actors! I tend to buy a range of gifts for each person just so I know that I’ve covered all bases. I often look for cool new things to buy for stocking fillers and use sites like NoveltyStreet to do so, and then choose more sentimental gifts for larger presents that go under the tree. And when there is then a giant pile of presents ready, well it’s time to get wrapping! Now, I absolutely love wrapping presents and making them look pretty! I’ve been working with The Body Shop* to contribute to their gift wrapping hub – it’s full of tips and tricks for wrapping your gifts.

My main tip covered making your own gift tags. I decided to combine gift tags with my love of sewing and made some hand-sewn tags. Basically just use your needle to punch the design into the paper first, then come back through with some thread and boom. Plus, it’s a nice little extra gift as a bookmark too. If you have someone in your family who’ll really appreciate the sewing, you could also take a look at some seamstress gifts to pair with the tag. This way it can give you something to bond over and you could even create something together. A few years back, I bought my grandma a few gifts designed for a seamstress and we’ve worked on several gifts together. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving!

Decorating the flat

I think decorating the flat is the key thing that marks the festive season right? I’ve been loving my tree for the past few years. I’ve expanded on my decorations by making some festive embroideries which can be put up alongside too. Plus I’m going mad for fairy lights and festive candles this year too. The flat is going to be a cozy Santas grotto by the beginning of December!

Advent calendars

I’ve been converted to the fancy advent calendar. I mean, why would you not want a surprise present every day of December?! Last year I got the gin one for my birthday and this year my parents bought me the Jo Malone one for my birthday. I’ve also got a chocolate one and a lovely intentions one to carry me through the month too. I’m going to be smelling amazing by the end of the month!

Friends Christmas

Not only is Christmas day a fab one, but on the run up this year I’m having 3 friends Christmases! That’s basically like 3 Christmas days and I am so ready for them all. I’m definitely cooking on at least one of them and may attempt a roast, but we will soon see. I’ve never done a Yorkshire pudding at home before, and as they are my favourite part of the roast, I think I may need some practice before committing!

Christmas food

Speaking of food, I’m planning on spending the whole of December eating mini chocolate oranges, malteaser reindeers and trifle. My favourite of the Christmas foods. May even attempt to make myself some mulled wine which I’ve never actually done myself. Though there does seem to be mulled everything at the moment, maybe it’s time I learnt to mull some gin!

Christmas markets

The first two weekends of December are basically going to be dedicated to Christmas markets. On the first weekend I’m heading up to Manchester which has one of the best markets around, so I’ll be dragging my grandparents around there for the day.

Then a week later we are off on a little mini break to Bruges and Ghent! Paul bought it for me as the most excellent birthday present. I’ve been to Belgium before but only to Brussels and I hear great things about the other little towns dotted around the country. It’s going to be cold, but surely that will make the markets feel all the more festive!

I mean, even writing this out has definitely made me feel rather more festive than I did at the beginning. I think with our Indian summer it’s taken awhile for me to really acknowledge that it is indeed that time of year!

What are your favourite things about Winter?

*Collaboration with The Body Shop but all Christmas loving is my own.

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