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10 Happy Things #70 – Birthday edition!

December 5, 2018

Eek it’s been a whole month since my last one of these, my bad! And it’s mainly gonna be focussed on my birthday as that’s been the most exciting bit right. I’ve realised I love writing about my birthday on the blog as I did search several times to remember exactly what we did do on my birthday last year – the joys of having it all documented online right?

1 My birthday! Yay that’s right. It’s featuring as number 1. I ended up having 5 days off work which was the dream really. And most of those days were spent doing a whole lot of not much, which was really needed. On my birthday itself we went out for brunch in Tooting before having a relaxing afternoon, then heading out to Dinings SW3 for fancy sushi for dinner. I had a massage the day after as a wee treat too.

2 Needle felting. As part of my 5 days off, my friend Sam got me a needle felting class! So we popped there over the weekend and I made a wee purple reindeer. Was rather happy how it turned out and it is now taking pride of place on my tree. . I really enjoyed the needle felting class, and I’ve been thinking of taking up knitting as a hobby. I’ve seen my grandmother knit and offer her love in the form of knitted sweaters and beanie caps. Since I’ve been talking about knitting recently, one of my friends suggested that I check out portals like, which have some thoughtful products and gifts for knitters.

3 Decked out for Christmas (and carrying out a few DIY jobs!) Speaking of a tree, one of the most exciting things lately was decorating now we’ve actually hit December! I did actually put my tree up on the 29th as we were away over the first weekend and I want a full month of tree fun. Where I normally put the tree has now turned into a plant corner, and seeing as I don’t have anywhere else in my flat for 9 plants, the tree itself had to be moved. So it has a new slot by the door which I think works quite well! I did deck out plant corner with a load of fairy lights too. Whilst I was kitting the flat out for Christmas, I decided to do a few DIY projects that I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I’ve been wanting to put some new cabinets up in the kitchen so I bought some supplies for the job and got started. A friend of mine who works in construction told me that angle brackets are used to reinforce your structure so I bought some of those to help with the job. The cabinets look great and I’ve even decorated them in tinsel! It’s so festive in my flat now!

4 Birthday pressies! Back to the good stuff now, I did so well for my birthday. Paul was fab and got us a trip to Belgium this coming weekend! I’m very excited to spend a couple of days wandering around Bruges and Ghent. If you’ve got any suggestions then please do let us know. Other highlights included yummy gin, a Jo Malone advent, macramé bits, tickets to Ginger Line and some vouchers just to name a few!

5 I knitted myself a blanket. My sister bought me a giant knitting kit for my birthday which was amazing! The needles are like literally the size of my arms and the ball of wool, much bigger than my head. The joy is also that the stitches are so big that it only took an afternoon for me to whip up a blanket. I haven’t knitted for ages so it was nice to check that I still could in giant size.

6 Running. Eek – I haven’t mentioned this anywhere yet but I’ve taken up jogging! And as this very post goes up on the internet, I should be out for my final run of the Couch to 5K. I did manage to run a 5K last week which I was super happy about, seeing as when I started I could only do about 2 minutes without having to stop and walk. I hope it’s a healthy habit I can keep up moving forward.

7 A trip up to Manchester. I’m not going to Manchester this Christmas so I popped up last weekend to see the grandparents. We had a lovely lunch out in Manchester on Saturday and hit the Christmas markets. I really enjoyed the Etsy local market but have to say that the Manchester main markets were just painful. Far too many people – and the shops just aren’t as good. I don’t think I’ll be doing it next year.

8 52 of 52. I finished my reading challenge! Yep, I managed 52 books so far this year, smashing my original goal of 30. I reckon I’ll get a few more in before the end of the year too. I might write a longer post about my favourite reads of the year if that is of any interest to anyone!

9 Am I allowed a cryptic one? I have some exciting things happening in the next few weeks which I’m very much glad about. Hopefully something that has been a bit of a pain for awhile will be resolved and I can go into 2019 feeling very content. Fingers crossed!

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