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Reflections on 2018: Travel edition

December 22, 2018

I so love writing these posts. I’ve just been reading mine from previous years and they always remind me of the great memories from some amazing trips. 

This year has been a little slower than previously. I’ve done a bit more UK travel and less Europe breaks. A little bit by choice – my word for 2018 was SLOW and that impacted travel too. But also because I changed jobs twice which to be honest took all of my time and energy! So let’s reflect back on my 2018 travel.

Paphos, Cyprus (February)

My first trip of the year was a new country – Cyprus! I went with my Bangarang gals and it was a great trip away. I’ve never travelled with that many people so it was a new experience and a fab way to spend time with a lot of awesome people. The weather was a bit average but I’d love to go back in the sunshine!

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands (March) 

The second trip was also a girls one, but this time only 4 of us and to the Fuerteventura, Canary Islands! It was interesting to see another island in the Canaries after totally loving Gran Canaria. We had a great trip, lots of sun, sea and of course, many (maybe too many!) a cocktail! 

West Yorkshire, UK (March)

The first of my UK trips was the West Yorkshire. I wanted to go away with my grandma for her birthday so we headed North from Manchester. We explored Haworth, Bolton Abbey and the surrounds. We did really well with the weather and had the best trip. It is such a beautiful area of the UK and one I’d love to spend more time in. 

Malaysia and New Zealand (May)

Phew then comes in the big one! We did one major trip this year, a 3 week jaunt across the globe. It was honestly the best trip. We met up with my family to explore Malaysia together, covering Malacca, Kuala Lumpur and Tioman Island. I hadn’t been to Asia in a long time so it was awesome to explore a new region. It’s lit the bug to explore more!

We then carried on to New Zealand. It was the first time I’ve been home in ages and the first time with Paul. We covered from Christchurch to Wellington and it was lovely to remember all the beautiful spots and reconnect with my homeland! 

Rome, Italy (July)

Very soon after the big trip, my Dad headed to Rome, Italy so we popped over to see him! It was SO hot, but a lovely family trip. I ate so much great pasta and pizza. I have previously kind of avoided Italy – not for any specific reason, I just enjoyed other areas in Europe more. But this trip totally changed that – I’m now desperate to explore more of Italy and outside of the bigger cities! 

Isle of Wight, UK (September)

The second of my UK trips was an awesome jaunt over to the Isle of Wight! I drove over there with Erica and totally fell in love with the place. It feels like a world away but just a short hop over the harbour. We did super well with the weather which definitely helped and I’d love to go back. 

Bournemouth and the New Forest, UK (September)

I changed jobs in September so had a bit of time free. I thought a trip abroad might be a little too ambitious, so we jumped in the car and drove down to Bournemouth and New Forest. It is a beautiful area of the UK and I loved having wanders through the forest and down by the coast. 

Bruges and Ghent, Belgium (December)

Our final trip of the year was to Belgium! We explored the Christmas markets, drank wine and ate unlimited frites. Everything you need on a holiday really. And it was the only trip this year which was just Paul and I! 

Phew, now I write it out, it looks like more than what I thought at the beginning of the post! I think that it’s because between July and December, whilst we did do 3 trips, I only actually had 3 days off work so they all felt like very quick little hops! 

Now, I have nothing planned for 2019 – I need to do some proper planning and I can’t wait for an exciting travel year ahead!

Where was your favourite place you went in 2018? 

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