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10 Happy things #71 – Australian surprise

January 6, 2019

Surprise! I went to Australia for Christmas. It was a surprise to the fam so I didn’t mention it anywhere on the interwebs which was kind of hard to be honest. I had such a manic month in December what with finishing my job and going on the trip, but couldn’t explain to anyone what all the rush and faff was about! I’ve made it home now so here are some highlights from the last few weeks…

Image of me staring out to a view of green trees and wide blue sea.

1 Surprising the family! I only told one person about my trip – my Dad. I would have loved to do a full on surprise but you know, I needed someone to pick me up from the airport and make sure that he rang up places and sneakily added a 7th attendee. I got to do two surprise reveals, one to my mum and one for everyone else when they arrived. They were both great and it’s safe to say that everyone was super surprised. I was very happy with this as I was convinced people had figured it out!

2 A very hot Christmas. We had Christmas at home in Canberra and it was a hot one! Topping out over 30 degrees, we ate outside and jumped in the pool after to cool off. We also had the best selection of food, picking up a 1kg Pialligio smoked salmon which has to be one of the best things I’ve eaten all year.

3 Hiking some mountains. I managed to hike two mountains and not end up in a puddle of sweat which I’m happy with. The family even dragged me up on one Christmas day itself!! The views were totally worth it though and it was nice for all my running fitness to have paid off.

4 A Christmas jigsaw. Even in the heat, we had to have a Christmas jigsaw. Plus it was nice to have a reason to sit in a nice air conditioned room every now and again when it got too hot!

5 A trip down to the NSW coast. After a week in Canberra, we headed off to spend a week down the NSW coast. My parents hired out the most amazing house, my room was basically the same size as my London flat and it had a giant pool. The week mainly consisted of me lounging about reading and playing Articulate with the fam. Perfect.

6 Doing all of the reading. Like I mentioned – reading! I hit my 52 book goal at the beginning of December and with the travel managed to crack 60 by the end of the year, plus 3 more before the 4th of Jan! I hope I can keep up all this reading in the new year.

7 Lots of great food. We went to a few restaurants over the trip and they were all really lovely. Seafood was most definitely the highlight, despite getting food poisoning from a dodgy clam. It won’t be stopping my love of the stuff though!

8 A happy new year. I continued my NYE tradition of staying at home and being in bed before 12. Though we did buy some sparklers and had fun doing those followed by an Articulate round and a bottle of champagne. I did wake up with the fireworks at 12, so I did technically bring in the New Year..

9 Smooth flying. It’s been awhile since I did super long haul by myself and it actually all went really well. I have to say that they were the best flights I’ve done in so far and there were no real panics. I went BA / Qatar for the first time and enjoyed both.

10 Coming home to Paul! Sadly Paul didn’t come on the surprise trip with me as it was time for him to see his family (plus the extortionate cost of Christmas travel!!) and it’s the longest I’ve not seen him in 5 years!! It was so nice to finally come home to him after the end of the trip. Though I was so jetlagged I have to say I was probably pretty incoherent!!

Did you have a good Christmas and New Year? What did you get up to?

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