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My intentions for 2019

January 12, 2019

Yeah I know it’s like already 10 days into 2019 but despite not working, this is the first time I’ve properly sat down at my laptop since I got home from Australia!! But it’s about time I sat down and did a bit of reflection on 2018 and my intentions for 2019.

My 2018 intention

I decided in my intentions last year to do the whole ‘word of the year’ thing which I think worked quite well for me. My word for last year was ‘Slow’ and despite the fact when I reflected on the year, it didn’t feel particularly slow (re changing jobs twice and ending up doing a heap of travel), I think I met my intention.

I reread the post from last year and the main things I talked about in terms of having more time for myself and slowing down my planning all came true. I did do a lot of travel but I had many a weekend where we had no plans whatsoever. I didn’t travel for work all year which was a nice way of slowing it down too. I’ve done more yoga than ever before, and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen baking and cooking – finally taking my lunches into work more often!

In terms of my specific goals from last year, I was a little less successful…

  • Visit a couple of new countries – won on this one! Headed to Malaysia and Cyprus.
  • Complete the 52 weeks of cooking over on Reddit (basically one new dish a week!), I’m hoping this will link in with another goal of actually using my cookbooks… Nope. Though I did do like 6 months which was a good effort and I definitely use my cookbooks and cook a lot more!
  • Complete 30 days of yoga this January with Yoga with Adriene, also no on this one – but I feel I did enough yoga through the year to make up for it!

My word for 2019

I actually really struggled for a word this year. I was reading recently about seasons in your life, last year was kind of a winter. My word really summed up my need to do less and find a safe spot for myself. 2019 doesn’t feel like a summer but still like a Spring. Like I’m ready to take on more, to push myself but I still want to really keep a focus on self care and enjoying the little things.

So eventually I decided on:


Yeah it’s a little vague but it’s one of those words which really sits nicely with me. I want to:

  • Be open to starting my new job
  • Be open to new experiences and trying new things
  • Be open to really appreciating and bringing joy into my life
  • Be open to change and things changing with those around me – we are all growing up which is scary!!
  • Be open to accept myself, my body and my fitness for what I can make it.

I have really been reflecting on it over the last few days and it does feel right. I’m hoping it will help with directions and decisions over the coming year!

Along with that, I have a few specific goals for 2019:

  • Read 52 books – I managed 60 in 2019 so I’m hoping for something similar. I find the more I read, the less time I spend scrolling!
  • Keep up my running – I’ve got into a good habit with running over the last few months so I just want to keep it up – no stressing about trying to hit times or distances, just to keep enjoying it.
  • Be a bit more tidy and organised. I’ve spent the first week of the year throwing about half of what we own so I just hope I can keep it up through the year ahead!!

Phew, I do love writing these posts as it’s so nice to have something there to reflect upon when we hit the big 2020 – eek!

Have you got any intentions or resolutions for 2019?

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