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10 Happy Things #72

February 13, 2019

It’s funny as when I wrote about my intentions, I talked about how last year I think I did manage to meet my intention of ‘slow’. And I have to say, that it was so true. I now feel so manically busy that the dream of the balance I had last year seems a long time ago!

But not to fear, I’ve started a new job and a new project and that is hard. It tends to take over my brain especially one as interesting as I’m doing. I’m sure as I settle in and once I get through a very busy February, I’ll be able to find some form of balance once again!

Anyway, time for some happy stuff!

1 I started a new job! I mean the main thing is the new job, which is technically me going back to an old job, but starting on a new project! So it’s a great combination of really exciting new things but also the comfort of knowing a lot of people from when I left. Plus, a bit less travel this time! I was so surprised when I found out I had got the job. I asked my friend how much resume writers charge and she told me that I could find one for a reasonable cost. I got on Google and hired someone to edit my resume and I owe them a lot! I’m so happy at my new job.

2 A new arrival! Exciting news that my bestie back in NZ had her baby! She is so cute and I’m officially a godmother which is very exciting. I basically just love all of the baby spam and can’t wait to see her grow up!

3 Getting in the running. After having a few weeks off over Christmas, I’m getting back into the running groove! I’ve managed to up my pace and completed a 10K which I’m very proud of. I think my new ethos of just running to run and not really worrying about it is working well. Let’s hope I can keep it up!

4 Trying some new goldwork. As I mentioned a little in my embroidery post, I’ve started a new form of embroidery which I’m loving. Embroidery with metal threads is so enjoyable and I hope I can keep it up.

5 An awesome birthday. It was Pauls birthday in January which is always a highlight of the month. We went to Gymkhana for a meal which was aaaamazing. I gave him a trip to Wales for March too which I’m already looking forward to.

6 Exploring London. My cousin came to visit a couple of weekend ago which was a great excuse to finally have a great explore of London! We spent the day going up the shard, going bowling and enjoying a few bars. Always nice to spend a bit of time falling in love with the city again!

7 A trip to Manchester. After my trip to Aus, it was about time I made it up to Manchester. I headed up and we used one of my grans birthday pressies to go out for afternoon tea at Great John Hotel. It was a delish offering – definitely recommend if you need an afternoon tea up North.

8 Time with pals. It’s been fab to catch up with people after the Christmas breaks! Highlights include a great brunch at Gammagamma, some delicious booze tasting at Mr Foggs and an afternoon drinking cheap pizza union wine!

9 A giant clean, AC unit installation (PS- get it here!), and a dehumidifier. At last my home is actually liveable again! Temperature control is imperative for me to feel comfortable especially at night. Before I started work, I had a week off where I literally sorted the whole flat. I cleaned and scrubbed and organised and decluttered. It was so good when it was done and I’m hoping I can keep the flat clean for awhile! I also looked at some reviews and found the best dehumidifier for my little bedroom which, I know, is lame but I am so obsessed with it and the water it collects! What if there are problems with the system in the future. It might be a good idea to contact the AC service provider beforehand, so that if anything goes wrong then I can have it fixed right away. Visiting a website such as that provides repairing or maintaining services for dehumidifer or air-conditioner could be considered.

10 Posts I’ve enjoyed lately:
– Helen always give the best book recommends like her January reads!
– I loved Angies post on the Amalfi coast – I’m holiday dreaming at the moment!
– Miss Pond has totally inspired me to throw my own pizza party!

What’s been making you happy lately?

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