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My embroidery creations #4

February 10, 2019

I love writing these posts as it’s so nice to reflect on what I’ve been making. This is a bit of a bumper edition as I have written since my embroidery creations #3 in October. I’ve definitely learnt heeeeaps in this short space of time and have been loving trying some new things.

White Organza
I started this period sticking to my organza love – I made a tiny little hoop all in white. I wanted to see what effect it would have and I do love the elegant flowers it produces. Would be great for lace or a veil!

Organza feathers
I then whipped up a little organza hoop with some feathers on it. I wanted to try doing something a bit different on the organza rather than flowers. This was a bit hard with the line work and I didn’t love the feather shape but it was nice to do something different.

Wool punch needles
I popped to a punch needle class in the Autumn to learn the new technique. It is really different to embroidery but satisfying in its own way. I love the texture it produces too – so fluffy! I haven’t done any further punch needling but definitely want to pick it up again one day.

Ghosts for halloween
I tried a bit of applique on this hoop which meant even though it was one of my favourites it only took me an evening to make! I wanted something I could put up around halloween and these ghosts met the bill perfectly.

An autumn wreath
And then I tried a wreath! Wreaths are such a pain to sew on as you have to put the fabric in the small hoop and then the big hoop around it. It then means that it can be rather annoying trying to keep the tension between the two hoops. So it’s always puckering and the little hoop pops off and ugh! But I do love how it turned out – the wreath does give it an awesome effect.

Winter organza
I then did my final organza hoop in the little series! I was aiming to get one hoop for each season so had to finish it off right? After this one, I was very much ready for an organza break!

A Christmas wreath
Despite the pain of making the Autumn wreath, when my sister requested a Christmas wreath I had to oblige! This one for whatever reason was even harder to keep tension. I need to find the secret to getting it all sorted – maybe I sew in a normal hoop and then wreath it later on!

Winter reindeers
Another Winter addition as I wanted something a little Christmasy to pop on the tree. This was another quick make and I loved how these simple patterns turn out to be something really effective!

Bloom where you are planted
This was a wee commission and I used it to teach myself a new stitch – the cast on roses. I enjoyed how they came out but they do take ages to do. I also loved this colour scheme – I need to stitch more with yellow and oranges!

Wintery trees
I’ve wanted to try and do some different types of hoops – I love landscapes but don’t really know how to tackle them! So I tried in this tiny hoop to do something a bit different. Not sure of the outcome but it was enjoyable to stitch and the variegated thread is just a dream!

I choose happy
I’ve been working on a series of hoops to hang on my bedroom wall and this was one of them! I wanted to remake the first ever hoop I made but in a new style.

Goldwork heron
And finally, something very new! Goldwork is a type of embroidery which uses metal wires and raised threads. I really loved the look of it and was thrilled to try a kit to learn the basics. It is a bit of a fiddle to get it sorted but the outcome is so worth it. Keep your eyes out for many a goldwork hoop in future!

Phew, there have been a lot of hoops lately! Which is your favourite?

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