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My London money diary #2

February 23, 2019

I actually started writing one of these in November and then managed to only do 3 days. Whoops! Here’s hoping this time is a bit better. I did a London money diary last year when I was working in Canary Wharf and probably spending too much money on food. I like to think I’m a bit better now, but that’s probably wishful thinking!


I’m working near Victoria on my current project so my commute is still a fun £8 a day. I’m doing better at eating at home, so I have porridge before I leave and make sure I pack my lunch – I bulk cooked a load of soup earlier in the week which has lasted.

I still have to pop to the shop at lunch, I wanted a diet coke and needed to buy some snacks for a mammoth 4 hour meeting after lunch. I spend £3 on chocolate hob nobs which was the best investment.

As I’m away for a lot of the weekend, Paul comes and meets me at Victoria and we go out for dinner. We just head to Zizzis as I do love their prawn pasta. Along with a couple of drinks it’s around £30 each.

Total: £41


I work from home on Thursday as it’s been quite the busy week and I need to get some quiet work done. I have more porridge and more soup to get me through the day and resist the urge to go and buy snacks.

I’m off to Manchester that evening, I bought the ticket a couple of months ago. I have some toast before I head out as the bread needs eating but pick up a little £3 sandwich from Euston to keep me going on the train. Only a one way travel journey so it costs me £6 to get across town.

Total: £9


I work from my grandmas house today and literally only leave the house for a 10 minute walk to the shop as the Manchester weather is terrible! Luckily my grandma feeds me all day so for once I get a no spend day.

Total: £0


Still in Manchester but I manage to convince myself to leave the house. I go for a run in the morning before going into Manchester town for an afternoon tea. It was a gift I bought for my Grans birthday last year so luckily doesn’t cost me anything now.

I borrow my grandmas car so it doesn’t cost to get in but is £9 to park for the day. When home later, I donate £15 to one of my instagram friends who is running the London marathon.

Total: £24


My work plans change so I end up staying up North for another day so I can work in Manchester on Monday. That luckily means another cheap day for me! We pop to the shops and I manage to control myself and only buy a couple of new threads in Hobbycraft (£6) and some birthday cards (£4).

Total: £10


I work from Manchester on Monday, it costs me £3.50 to get into the City centre from my grandmas house. I’ve been craving sushi so go to Itsu for my lunch which comes in at £5. I always take a refillable water bottle with me but for the life of me I can’t find a water fountain all day so end up spending £2 on bottled water! My train back to London is expensed through work and I pick up a little pizza on the way home for £3.50.

Total: £14


Finally back in London town! However, still not in my normal office. I’m off on a trip to Brentford out in West London for the day. It costs me £6 in travel as I’m heading out in the opposite direction. I end up having a Pret lunch as I haven’t had time to prep anything which comes in at £5. On my way home I pop to the supermarket and get some food in for that dinner, and for me to take in for lunch for the next couple of days which comes in at £10.

Total: £21

Weekly total: £119

To be honest I think that’s probably below my normal weekly spending – I think being away up North definitely means I spend less money on food! On my last money diaries, my total came up to £206 which I think was probably actually below my average a year or so ago. I’d say my average now is probably around £160 a week which feels much more manageable than a year ago!

I think the main thing that this shows is that I end up spending so much money on travel which I never really account for. As I always just tap in and out with a contactless card, I never know the actual amount I’m spending so it’s been interesting to reflect back on it – it’s adding up to almost a third of my expenses this week!

What about you? How’s your weekly spending compare to mine?

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