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10 Happy Things #73

March 31, 2019

Long time, no chat! Like over a month… oops! It’s been a busy time of late, I’ve had a few weeks where not only have I been travelling or working quite long hours in the day, but then been out every evening on top. I keep thinking that slower times will hit soon but that doesn’t seem to actually happen. Here’s hoping a slower April will be ahead!

In all that chaos, there’s been lots of happy things in there too. Let’s catch up on that!

1 A lovely wee break to Oxfordshire. Last weekend I went on a little one night trip to Oxfordshire with Erica. The sun properly came out for what felt like the first time this year! We headed to Henly-On-Thames for the first day, having a wander down the river, a spoons lunch and some charity shop hunting. Then after a lovely hotel stay, headed off to Bicester village on the Sunday.

2 Getting future hols sorted! Yep, holidays are shaping up pretty good for the rest of the year. I’m off to Mallorca next week for a wee break, then onto Corfu in May. We are also just finalising plans for South Africa in September which I am SO excited for!

3 Lots of stitching. Despite all the chaos, I’ve still been managing to sit down and get some stitching done. It was the end of the British Stitchers stitch swap so I had to do some extra hoops for that which are all done now.

4 A bangarang wedding. The lovely Emma Inks and Pablo got married this month so I headed off to their wedding reception which was awesome! So nice to catch up with everyone and celebrate a happy moment.

5 A dalloway afternoon tea. It was my friends birthday this month so an afternoon was definitely in order. We headed back to Dalloway Terrace to see the new floral displays which were gorge. Plus a very delicious afternoon tea – dreaming of those vanilla scones still!

6 Some flourishing plants. It’s always so nice to feel like my plants are becoming alive again! After little to no growth over the winter, there are new leaves popping out left, right and centre!

7 Vegetarian life. I’ve been doing mainly vegetarianism (with a little fish every now and again) for lent and really enjoying it. Found it much easier than expected. I’m going to write a full post on it soon!

8 F1 is back. I’ve got quite into F1 over the years and the return of the season is always a good thing. It’s something nice for Paul and I to watch together almost every weekend and it looks like it might be an exciting year.

9 BBG. I’ve started doing BBG – using the Sweat app by Kayla Itsines. Basically just a new workout regime! It’s quite hard and is a lot of exercise per week but I’m really enjoying it. I hurt my foot last month which put a stop to me running for awhile so this has been a great alternative to keep fit.

10 Posts I’ve enjoyed lately:
– I enjoyed Jayes post on habits to take from Winter into Spring
– Nias pineapple and coconut tray bake looks totally amazing!
– Loved KPWs post on staying at B+Bs in the UK

What has been making you happy lately?

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