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Exploring Mallorca, Spain

April 15, 2019

And here we are, finally in April it was time for my first overseas break of the year! (Not counting that the first six days of 2019 were in Australia, that was a 2018 holiday right?).

Erica, Katy and I had been discussing for ages going to Mallorca. It’s where Katy grew up and her family still live there, very handily offering us some free accommodation. The perfect motivation to book a trip! I was so excited, I even went online and found different sites that had a lot of great tips on what we could do during our visit. Erica even found a german site called Mallorca Secrets, which had some interesting information (or Mallorca Tipps as they said on the page). With all the information and tips we gathered, we decided on 5 days with hopefully a bit of sun and sea.

We flew over on easyjet from Gatwick to Palma – it’s a short 2 hour flight and left at a reasonable time (only having to get up at 6am is a win for short haul flying right?). Katy had gone the day before and picked us up from the airport. Mallorca is a relatively small island (though the biggest of the baleariacs) so it was pretty quick drive home.

On our first day we mainly did a bit of wandering around near the house, looking at the port. We of course managed to fit in a jug of sangria and ended with a trip to Mallorcas best pizza – which was rather delicious!

Visiting Valdemossa

On our first full day we all piled into the car to do a bit of island exploring! Our first stop was to Valdemossa, a small town heading towards the centre of the island. I love the interior of Spanish islands and this really reminded me of Gran Canaria.

The town itself was adorable – lots of meandering little streets, pretty doors and a rather lovely view from the top over the surrounding valley. We tried some Coca de patata, a traditional Mallorcan potato cake whilst we had a wander around.

After stopping for a quite drink break, we got driving again – this time up towards Daia to take a stop by the coast at Mirador de sa foradada. We were starving by this point, so some proper good Spanish cuisine was needed! We started with bread and alioli (my total fave) and a caprese salad, before moving onto a real seafood paella! It was our only paella of the trip and was delicious – they brought the whole pan to the table before dishing it up. We spent some time lapping up the views before heading back for a night of wine and movies.

Exploring the north of the island

The next day we decided to do some more driving and exploring – mainly to the top of the island! We jumped in the car and headed to Pollenca where there was a Sunday market on. We had a wander around the town and I climbed the many stairs to a beautiful view over the valleys and out to the sea. We stopped for some tapas – very much enjoying everything potato based!

Full of good food, we wandered to port de pollenca to take in the beautiful clear blue seas. Erica had found a pretty lighthouse online so we decided to take a drive – not realising it was very much one of those twisty turny, thin roads which was full of cyclists! A bit of a stress for me but very much worth it for all of the gorgeous views along the way!

We kept the drive going by popping into Soller – famous for it’s oranges before finding a spot on the waterfront for dinner. Seafood pasta is basically everything I want to eat when I’m in Europe and I was very happy to get it!

Venturing into Magaluf

I mean Magaluf is what a lot of people think of when they think of Mallorca right? We decided after a couple of days driving, it would be perfect to have a day of walking and drinking to balance it out! We could actually walk from Katys place and it took about an hour into Magaluf. We stopped off in Palma Nova on the way for a good jug of cava sangria before walking around.

I have to say that Magaluf is not somewhere that I really enjoyed. I mean we did go on a Monday lunchtime but I can just imagine what it’s like in the summer evenings and definitely not one for me! We had one quick drink before heading far, far away to find much better drinks and snacks. But at least I can say we went there right?

Walking around pretty Palma

On our last day we decided to head into Palma! Now I have to say by this point in the holiday I was tired…! I had come on the trip with very little left in the tank after a very busy period of work. Note to self, make sure I have some down time before an exciting holiday. But we still headed into Palma while I pulled myself together! We stopped off for some more traditional Mallorcan food – this time some ensaimada which is a sweet pastry – oh so delicious!

We had a wander down to the cathedral which is beautiful and so nice to sit in the sun and stare at. Another tapas order was definitely needed before we had to head back and prepare for our journey home.

Overall, I really enjoyed Mallorca! I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and to be honest as I mentioned, I’d barely had 5 minutes to consider the fact I was going on holiday before I then got there. It is one of those places like the Canaries where you can really have very different types of holidays – you could just sit in a resort somewhere and basically be in the UK but in the sun, or you can explore the little towns and beautiful areas off the beaten track!

Have you been to Mallorca? What did you think?

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