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Postcards from Corfu, Greece

May 18, 2019

Greece has been on my list to visit for aaaages! I always thought I’d need to go for a big chunk of time and travel around, I was searching online for things to do in Greece, which are the best islands or cities to visit and I really got myself excited! I saw so many tours available, Athens tours really caught my eye, especially being the capital of Greece! However when Erica proposed a trip to Corfu, I jumped at the idea!
I’ve never really done a ‘package’ holiday before so this was a trip of firsts – two new countries and a whole new experience of all inclusive.

Getting there

We flew with Easyjet to Corfu from Gatwick. Of course the flights that head that way are all the reeeeally early flights. Like 5.50am take off early. Basically makes it impossible to go on the day so we stayed the night at the Bloc hotel beforehand. It’s a handy hotel in the terminal and has an awesome view of all the planes taking off right outside your window.

The flight itself was pretty speedy – just under 3 hours with some lovely views along the way. Transfers were included with the package and as we were soon to experience, the resort we were booked into was SO far away from the airport. Transfers seem a good idea until you then also have to drop off at about 10 hotels on the way. Not too fun!

The all inclusive hotel

We stayed at the Mareblue Hotel in North Corfu, it’s a huge hotel with many accommodation buildings, 3 pools and full all inclusive. I’ve never done all inclusive before as I do love going out to new places to eat so didn’t really know what to expect. And basically it does what it says on the tin, so much food! There was a full buffet which was on 3 times a day, but in between those times you could always get food at the bar near the pool or in the lobby.

The buffet itself was a mixed spread though definitely more British led – there was some Greek food but I would have loved some more! Alongside the buffet, they also had 2 a la carte restaurants where you could order from a menu, one Greek and one Italian. We booked into both when we arrived and very much enjoyed them – much calmer than the chaos of the buffet.

It did include all inclusive booze too – though from a specific menu. They had a few good cocktails including a kumquat number that was sweet and delicious. They had wine on tap which surprisingly wasn’t too bad!

Getting out and about

One of the main aims for the holiday was to get some proper relaxing in. And as the hotel was so far away from other areas we only booked one trip – a day trip to Albania! Alongside Greece I’ve wanted to visit Albania for so long so was delighted when I found out you could do a trip over.

You basically get a boat across from Corfu Town to Sarande which is the south of Albania on the Albanian riveria. The trip across is about 90 minutes and we did three stops – down the blue eye which is a deep natural spring, to Butrint which is an ancient Roman city full of ruins and then Sarande town itself. The whole trip itself was great – Albania is such a beautiful country and it was a treat to experience it. It definitely is still lagging slightly behind due to it’s years of communism and isolation but they are making excellent roads to really welcome tourists over. I am desperate now to go for a full trip!

Alongside that, we did a walk into one of the Corfu towns of Acharavi. The island of Corfu is a gorgeous one – I love the lush green interior surrounded by the shocking blue seas so it was a pleasant walk (despite one minor incident with a very angry wild dog!) and the town itself was great for a break. We made the most of Greek restaurants and indulged in all of the pita, goats cheese and dips!

The rest of our time mainly revolved around the resort – we spent a lot of time sitting down by the pool with the lovely views over to Albania, reading a load of books. We also went to the spa which was a well deserved treat. The perfect balance of getting out and about whilst also getting some much needed down time!


So would I do all inclusive again? Maybe. I think I’d do it again if the resort was in a bit better location so you could get a better balance of staying in the resort and going out. But then I think the bargain deal we got was because of the resorts location.

But what I definitely would do again is head to Albania and Greece – two amazing countries which I can’t wait to go and explore again!

Have you done all inclusive? What did you think?

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