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My embroidery creations #5

October 13, 2019

Whilst this is technically embroidery creations #5 – in reality, I haven’t written one of these posts all year so it’s really ‘what I’ve stitched in 2019!’. I’ve actually had a bit of a creative block over the last few months and definitely haven’t been stitching at the pace I previously was. That said, I’ve been trying to stitch every day in October so maybe a bit of inspiration will come back my way!

Goldwork insects

In my last post, I showed off my first goldwork piece – a heron. That was part of a kit, so I decided to try a couple off my own back. One which included a goldwork dragonfly and one which had a goldwork bee. I really enjoyed making them – the gold work is challenging, and it doesn’t necessarily photograph as well as it looks in real life.

It’s nice to incorporate some different textures into pieces. I need to pick up some wire and try again!

Tiny painted blooms

Continuing with mixed media – I painted a couple of hoops including this wee little one. It was nice to work on something small which was finished in just a couple of days!

Stitch swap quote hoops

I ran a stitch swap as part of the British Stitchers instagram group. As people inevitably drop out, I ended up making a few extra hoops and these were them! I had to match to peoples preferences (e.g. house plants, big quotes, drag race) and it was nice to make something different. I really love the Not Today Satan hoop as I made it just using all the odds and ends of thread I had lying around. So many French knots!

Sequin organza

I finally got the nerve to head back to organza! I hadn’t stitched on it at all this year but it was nice to do something different. I included some sequins (or spangles as they seem to be called in embroidery land) which made it so shiny in real life.

Cross stitch fox

This rather large cross stitch is something I’ve been working on all year! Cross stitches always take forever, but it was great to work on something which I didn’t need to think about. This was a pattern from Bothy Threads. I still haven’t figured out what to do with this piece – it’s sitting in my sewing box!

RSN Embroidery class

In the summer, I used a voucher I got for Christmas to go to a class at the Royal school of Needlework. I went to a 3D embroidery class which was really interesting and this was the end result! I learnt lots of new techniques using wire and even needlelace. I haven’t used the techniques since so fingers crossed I will still remember them!

Blackwork puffin

Another RSN creation! This time on online course in blackwork. Blackwork is a method where you – as the name suggests – only stitch in black! You use different weights of thread to create texture and different counted stitches (like in cross stitch) in each of the different areas. A really enjoyable piece to create.

Painted blooms

Yep, I painted this hoop at the same time I painted the red one (at the beginning of the year!) and it took me mooonths to get around to stitching on it. I was clearly influenced by the blackwork to continue the black stems into this. I also used new techniques to take the thread over and behind the hoop.

Technicolour heart

And my latest piece! I wanted to do something full of colour after all the black and was actually really happy how this came out. I’ve not done rainbow before and I think it looks really cool in the hoop.

Phew! It seems a lot of work when you put it all together into one post. Which one is your favourite?

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