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Exploring London Bridge, UK

November 2, 2019

Even after over 6 years in London, I still love getting out and about and exploring all the different areas. When I look back to when I was thinking about moving to london all of those years ago, I never imagined that I would find myself in a position of still having things to do and places to see in this beautiful city. That’s what makes it one of the best places in the world (in my opinion anyway). I was challenged to do a bit of exploring in the London Bridge area* and I was really excited – it is one of my favourite areas in the capital. If you are heading to London then finding a London Bridge hotel is a great idea – you are so close to the city whilst also being surrounded by interesting areas to explore.

London is such a popular destination for travellers and you can find many blog posts describing the best places to visit there. Zofia from Hotel Camea ( gives her opinion on the 6 best things to see in London and I can’t disagree with what she picks! But it inspired me to do my own, in-depth post on London. So when you get here, where should you go? Here are a few of my recommendations…

What to see in London Bridge

Visiting The Shard

As you would expect, as soon as you get to London Bridge there is something which stands out – and that is the Shard! It is one of the tallest buildings in Europe and of my favourite London sky scrapers.

You have a couple of options in terms of visiting, you can buy a ticket to go to the viewing platforms but what I really recommend is going to one of the restaurants or bars instead. You are paying a similar price but you get the views along with food or drinks! We recently went up and headed to Gong of which I can definitely recommend the cocktails.

The Old Operating Theatre museum

One of my favourite little museums in London is the Old Operating Theatre museum. It covers some medical history and as the name suggests, includes an the oldest operating theatre in Europe – so interesting to see how much it has changed from doing surgery in a random room with reams of people watching! They also do weekly talks on a variety of scientific topics, really recommend a visit.

Hays Galleria and shopping

While London Bridge doesn’t have a big shopping centre, it’s still a great spot to do a bit of shopping. Hays Galleria is an impressive open air shopping precinct (and has lovely Christmas decorations in December!). It also has a great little book shop – Riverside Bookshop nearby which is worth a browse.

The newly refurbed London Bridge train station has also opened which now has many of the stores you need to get started on some Christmas shopping!

Views of Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast

One of the best bits of the area is undoubtedly the views! From London Bridge you get stunning views of Tower Bridge, the city and the HMS Belfast (which I also suggest heading onto for a visit!). You could see everything, even those famous flags that fly on the bridge. Around London, lots of buildings seem to have telescoping flagpoles outside of them with different flags on. They definitely catch people’s attention, so it’s easy to understand why businesses use flags. They would be a great marketing tool.

I recommend walking down from the station to More London then heading towards the Thames. You get the best views from there whilst you walk back down towards London Bridge.

Where to eat in London Bridge

Borough Market

There is no shortage of places to eat in London Bridge! One of the best spots is obviously the famous Borough Market. It’s full of stalls selling groceries or ready to eat meals – the scotch eggs are delicious! I recommend the restaurants around the outside of it too – Arthur Hoopers is a highlight that I’ve been to previously.

Flat Iron Square

Another food market which has popped up recently in Flat Iron Square – tucked away it is a bit quieter than the main market but has lots of options to choose from. I really wanted to go to Where the Pancakes are but it was packed when we went – I’ll have to head back another time a little bit earlier!

The Bermondsey

Where we did end up last weekend was The Bermondsey. It’s a cafe / bar tucked behind London Bridge station and was a great option for breakfast. I got the smoked salmon eggs benedict and it was lovely – piled high with lots of salmon is just what I was feeling like. I also saw a few people having the Sunday roast which looked great too!

Overall, if you haven’t spent much time exploring London Bridge then get yourself over there! It’s a lovely spot to while away a morning having some brunch then wandering through the shops and to look at the views. Plus it’s the best location to base yourself with such quick connections to the rest of London! Where do you recommend in the area?

*The spending money for this post was gifted by, but all view are my own! (As always).

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