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Reflections on 2019 travel

December 30, 2019

I have to say 2019 was not a good year for the blog, but the one thing I did manage to keep up was writing about my travel. It’s one of my main reasons for keeping the blog as it’s always nice to reflect on where I’ve been and write down all my recommendations for other people!

This year was a little slower on the travel front especially in the second half of the year, mainly as we had one big holiday! I also didn’t go away at all between September and the end of the year (and with no plans now until March / April!) which is pretty long in terms of my previous travels. I’ve definitely moved a bit more to going on fewer longer trips rather than exhausting myself in lots of short ones.

Anyway, here were 2019 travel highlights:

January: Australia

Strange to think that I started the year down under! I did Christmas at the parents last year so rang in the New Year in Australia before flying back home in early January. It was a surprise trip and was filled with relaxation and sunny climes.

March: Brecon Beacons, Wales

In March we headed off on a little UK break to the Welsh countryside! We originally were meant to be going for some stargazing but the weather put a stop to that. We still had a great time exploring the rolling hills and did a great hike up a very large hill.

April: Mallorca, Spain

Sunnier climes also called to me when I headed to Mallorca for a few days with Katy and Erica. We had a great time exploring the island and hanging out in all the spots Katy grew up in. We did some epic drives including to a gorgeous lighthouse and even ventured (very briefly) into Magaluf!

May: Corfu, Greece (+ Albania)

A few weeks later, I took on a whole new experience and headed to Greece with Erica on my very first package holiday! It was a bargain and full of buffets. The weather was a little iffy but we still had a great time, including an awesome day trip over to Albania where we saw the amazing blue eye. Lots of relaxing and non stop cocktails were just what I needed.

July: Cornwall, UK

We then headed off on our second UK trip of the year, this time a few days in Cornwall. We didn’t have much time off work but still have a lovely drive down, exploring Plymouth and extending further out into St Ives too. Such a beautiful part of the UK and I’m really glad we finally found the time to go down and explore it!

September: South Africa

And then the epic holiday of the year! Two weeks in South Africa were amazing. I had such a great time in Cape Town and then the garden route. We did a once in a lifetime safari, visited vineyards, did amazing hikes and generally just really enjoyed it. I would go back in a heartbeat!

Phew, I also did a few little breaks in the UK in there too, mainly lots of trips to Manchester but also managed Bristol, Taunton and the New Forest too. Always nice to explore a bit closer to home.

Next year is already looking exciting with a big family trip to Sicily booked in. I also want to do a European road trip, go to Ireland and do next Christmas in Australia / New Zealand so exciting things on the horizon!

Where was your favourite spot in 2019?

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