Oh… hey there! If you’re looking to find out a little bit more about the face behind the blog, well then my friend, you are in the right place.

Where to start? Let’s do the basics! My name is Jasmin (shockingly) and I’m a twenty something (I use this phrase to indicate I’m the wrong side of 25 without having to actually say it) and living in London town.

I’m a bit of a hybrid in many areas of my life. I was born in Manchester, grew up in New Zealand, went to American high school, have parents living in Australia, and now living in London. Umm… yeah, my accent is about as confused as my trips across the globe. I’m quite the kiwi on the inside but addicted to London life and the vibe the city gives.

Oh, I also share my holidays sometimes. ‘Cause I’m ALL about work/life balance – including on this little blog here of mine.

Right, let’s turn this into a quick fire round…

Things I reeeeeally like

Going on holiday, a great gin + tonic, listening to far too many podcasts, browsing through old bookshops, running product fern, hot water bottles, yoga, chocolate fingers, cats, diet coke, blogging (obv), binge watching Netflix, Science, duvet burritos, steaming hot showers, London transport history and eating a fantastic burger.

Things I rather don’t like

Being cold (see half the things above), those Popsicle sticks in magnums, algorithms telling me what I like, uncomfortable shoes, being bored, mushrooms, auto DMs, flying, not getting enough sleep (8 hours thanks) and eating terrible burgers.

10 things I really want to do in the next few years

Learn how to bake bread, conquer my fear of flying, start fencing again, do a proper headstand in yoga, visit as many countries as is possible, go to a supper club, start an exciting facebook group, make a podcast and get a cat.

Honestly now, PLEASE drop me a line if you have any questions, want a chat, need to complain passionately about the Instagram algorithm or want to swap gin recommendations. All my contact details are in the little bar up there. Emails are my fave.