• 10 Happy Things #54

    December 6, 2017

    December!! It’s come around just like that. I’ve spent the majority of the first 6 days being rather ill. I got a cold, I tried to power through the cold, it didn’t work so I felt worse and had to literally hibernate for 5 days. Whoops. I’m hoping that one will replace my annual Christmas…

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  • 10 Happy Things #53 Birthday Edition

    November 23, 2017

    It’s birthday month! Yaaaay! And it was actually my birthday! Despite the fact I’m getting old, I had a fabulous time and most of this will be a recap of that awesome week, though I did mention quite a bit in my giveaway post too. We are now basically on the countdown to Christmas, I…

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  • It’s my birthday! + £50 Amazon GIVEAWAY!

    November 17, 2017

    Yesss birthday time!! Well, technically my birthday was on Wednesday but it’s birthday week so that still counts. Yep, this year I decided to spread the fun of my birthday out all week. As the day was on a Wednesday, I splashed out on my remaining annual leave and took 3 days off work, as…

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  • 10 Happy Things #52

    November 3, 2017

    Hello! It’s that time of the week again, time for aaaaall of the happy things. I especially think it’s needed today, 1. because we are now plunged into a pit of darkness for the next few months, and 2. I was feeling a wee bit crap. I can’t put my finger on why so I’m…

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  • 10 Happy Things #51

    October 17, 2017

    There’s nothing like a holiday to make you feel like… well, you need to be on holiday all the time right? I had a dreeeeeamy week in the Algarve and away from the gloom of London. It’s now basically a long slide until the end of the year, right? I’ve not got NO holidays booked…

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  • Practicing self care when your blog/biz makes you blue

    October 15, 2017

    If there’s anything I think we can all relate with – is that no matter how big or successful your blog/biz is, sometimes it makes you feel a bit rubbish. I, for sure, play the comparison game and often get stressed that my numbers aren’t good enough or I’m not hitting the lofty goals I’ve…

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  • JUST GO – An exciting Zeal and Heart x Bangarang announcement

    October 11, 2017

    This is a very exciting post. I literally need to type that out as I’m properly excited about it! Two of my faveeee things in the world are coming together and I’m thrilled to share it with you. First – bangarang, you will have seen them mentioned before but it’s basically my girl gang of…

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