Sort your SEO 5 day email challenge!

Struggling with SEO? Well you’ve found the right place! Welcome to the Sort your SEO email challenge!

The idea with Sort your SEO is that over 5 days you get sent 5 emails. Each email has a chunky SEO lesson within it along with some activities to complete that day. The idea being that once you work your way through each of the emails, by the end of it you will understand aaaaaall the ins and outs of SEO and have completed activities to be using proper SEO techniques on each of your posts.

So, what will be covered in the emails?

  • It starts with the basics, so we will cover what search engine optimization is, why it’s important for your site and how long it will take to get results
  • We then get into how your blog is set up and ensuring that it’s set up correctly for search engines to like and rank your blog
  • We chat about the enigma that is keywords, whether you need them and how to properly use them
  • And we learn a heap about what you need to be doing with each and every blog post for them to do better on the old Google.
  • Not only that, but I specifically cover Etsy SEO and SEO if you’re a lifestyle blogger / storyteller – to make sure everyone gets the most out of it!

And don’t worry – if you don’t get chance to do the emails each day, then it’s designed that you can come back to them and do all 5 in one big chunk too!

So without further ado, to sign up for the Sort your SEO challenge:


You can also find opt in forms at the bottom of my blog posts and in the side bars! Let’s get sorted with SEO and be sure to drop me any questions that you have!