The Biz Coach

Why do you need a Biz Coach?

Starting your own business can be a scary and confusing time. There are far too many things to think about, especially if you want to bring true value to your Clients. A lot of people turn to a Business leadership coaching program to help them reach their full potential as there is a load of roadblocks on the way and I’m available as a biz Coach + Consulting to guide you and your biz through them. Setting up your own business is a very daunting task and some entrepreneurs opt to buy part of a franchise to help them get started. For example, if you wanted to open a cleaning business, you’re going to be setting up a business in a heavily saturated market. It might be more beneficial to join a cleaning business with an established brand and franchising opportunities so that you can utilize their existing branding and marketing efforts. However, if your business is in a specific niche, there might not be a franchising opportunity and then you would have to set up shop on your own. With any route you take developing business negotiation skills will be critical to your success. Taking courses from companies like Scotwork can provide you with a foundation to negotiate, helping you develop profitable relationships with customers and other businesses.

The Biz Coach is designed as an in-depth and comprehensive approach to helping you to work to hit your goals and work through any problems your biz may be facing. It’s tailored specifically for you and your biz to ensure you get the most value. It may only be a couple of sessions or it may be Coaching over a few months – it’s what you need to make your goals a success. Of course, business coaching is just one method of encouraging you to work towards your goals. There are other methods that may be more effective for some businesses. For example, some have decided that OKR seems like it would work much better in their company. To better understand OKR, it might be worth reading this OKR definition. Being able to track your own business goals is beneficial for most businesses, some would rather do it themselves than use outsourced coaches. However, coaching may work wonders in some companies, it all depends on the sort of goals that businesses are setting for themselves.

The Biz Coach is good for you if:

  • You have launched your biz but have come across several areas which you don’t know how to navigate through – you may be struggling with sales, how to manage your biz or what your biz should really be selling
  • You are a newbie to the biz/blog world and need more intensive coaching to quickly get up to speed with all the areas you need to focus on
  • You want more support and someone to hold you accountable for your actions of progressing against your goals
  • You are an established biz and need some help on optimising your processes and scaling up

The Biz Coach includes:

  • Everything covered in The Goals Review
  • Personalised one to one coaching to help solve business challenges together
  • Customised output and schedules
  • Flexibility – this package is optimised to meet your needs
  • Access to the exclusive facebook group – ‘The Blooming Bunch’ to bounce ideas off likeminded bloggers + small biz owners
  • Can cover 1 to 3 months in each package

What have previous Clients said?

So, how do I get one?

Simple, just drop me an email here or at and I’ll send you the blog assessment to get started.

Price: As each package for the Biz Coach is different, please drop me your thoughts and I will provide an individual quote.

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