The Blog Audit

Why do you need a blog / site audit?

In the world of blogging and the internet, there is just faaaar too much information out there… but at the same time, not enough relevant information. It can be super hard to know what to do to really drive your blog (or website, no discrimination here!) forward and to get some good old honest feedback.

Well, this is where the blog audit comes in. It’s designed to look at the key areas of your website, from SEO that Foster SEO or you have implemented to web design, you want to see how they are doing and then they provide proper actions you can take forward to start seeing improvements right here and now. A blog audit can help you to improve your blog’s user experience, so your readers can interact with your blog without issue.

The Blog Audit is good for you if:

  • You feel stuck in a rut and have no direction for your blog / site
  • You want to improve your blog and take it to the next level to increase your readers and collaborations
  • You are struggling with your social channels and how it all fits together
  • You don’t know where to start with the techy / SEO side of your site (If you’re really struggling with the SEO side of your website, get a professional seo audit).
  • Your blog / site is your hobby but you want some honest feedback for how and where to go next
  • Your blog / site is (or you want it to be!) generating more income (though The Goals Review might help this one for you more).

The Blog Audit includes:

  • Initial blog / biz website assessment for you to complete
  • Review of blog / biz website for:
    – Design – user experience, quality of writing / photography + more
    – Technical – set up, hosting, SEO + more (You may want to check out an SEO audit site to help you with this, if SEO isn’t your time.)
    – Branding
  • Includes optional social channel review for:
    – Twitter
    – Instagram
    – Pinterest
  • Access to the exclusive facebook group – ‘The Blooming Bunch’ to bounce ideas off likeminded bloggers + small biz owners
  • Receive a personalised output pack of 10+ pages of findings, actionable steps and further reading

What have previous clients said?

So, how do you get one?

Simple, just drop me an email here or at and I’ll send you the blog assessment to get started.

Current price: £55