The Growth Pathway

Why do you need The Growth Pathway?

Knowing how to hit those dreams can be rather difficult. You know, the ones you ponder whilst sitting on the bus or as you look at your frozen followers number. Or even ones where you’ve made awesome steps getting started, but have now hit a brick wall. Getting a plan in place can seem overwhelming and it can be hard to figure out where to put your precious time and energy.

So I designed the Growth Pathway to help get rid of those roadblocks (for real) and get you moving towards smashing those goals. It includes all the good stuff in the Blog Audit but builds on the key areas you need to focus on. Areas which have been conquered previously include:

  • I want to grow the income from my blog
  • I want to grow my self confidence and promotion of my biz
  • I want to grow the sales from my Etsy shop
  • I want to look at different monetisation schemes and how to launch a new product / service
  • I want to hit 10K on instagram
  • I want to learn how to optimise my processes to help save time
  • I want more freelance work
  • I want new ways to promote my biz and grow my customers / page views

The goals selected are based on what you and your blog / biz needs. You may have specific goals which you want to work on, or we can work together to identify key areas to build on.

The Growth Pathway is good for you if:

  • You want to smash those goals you’ve been dreaming of
  • You are considering launching a product or service
  • You have a small biz and want to find ways to increase the income / optimise your processes
  • You want to grow your income from your blog / site
  • You know where you want to get to but unsure of how to get there.


The Growth Pathway includes:

  • Everything from The Blog Audit
  • Initial in depth assessment about business and key goals
  • In depth focus of several goals including:
    – Full future strategy
    – Key practical actions to hit that goal
    – Examples of how to do each action, including further reading and additional info
  • Personalised worksheets to complete
  • Access to the exclusive facebook group – ‘The Blooming Bunch’ to bounce ideas off likeminded bloggers + small biz owners
  • 1 hour coaching call to discuss findings / answers questions (and if you don’t like the phone, don’t worry – there are other options available!)
  • Follow up within 1-3 months to check on progress
  • Receive a personalised output pack of 20+ pages of findings, actionable steps and further reading


What have previous Clients said?

So, how do you get one?

Simple, just drop me an email here or at and I’ll send you the blog assessment to get started.

Current price: £115

Still pondering? Check out my ‘Why work with me‘ page!