Why work with me?

So you’ve read about all the Services, but you’re left with the eternal question of, um why should I choose to work with you?! Well I’ve got 5 reasons for why you should consider me as your Coach.

1 I provide honest, practical feedback and actions – no sales guff and no unrealistic promises or expectations

I’m not here to promise you the world, I’m here to provide proper advice which will result in noticeable changes to your blog and biz. If you put in the work then it’s totally possible to hit those goals you’re dreaming of. I provide honest, practical advice of things you can DO, not just motivational talk.

2 I’ve spent years working with big businesses and bring all that valuable insight to your small biz

I’ve spent years as a Consultant, understanding many big businesses and working closely with their strategy, marketing and sales teams. A small biz and blog can be very different, but the lessons learnt from big businesses can bring real insight and a different perspective to your world.

3 I’ve grown my own blog, started my own biz and worked with a load of bloggers, brands and small businesses

Not just big biz, I’ve done small biz too! I’ve run Jasmin Charlotte as a blog for 3 years gaining 10K+ followers on social channels. I’ve worked with many bloggers + small biz owners from small (under 1K followers), to big (50K+ followers) and provide insight based on where you are on your journey.

4 I really take the time to understand your biz, blog and most importantly – you, to ensure you get proper value from the services

This isn’t some cookie cutter course where everyone gets the same content – I take the time to properly understand your blog or biz to make sure you get real value. For example, if you’re already a pro photographer, then you won’t be sent actions and activities on photography, we will focus on the areas which you can improve and make a different.

5 Enough of me talking – check out some of my testimonials from previous clients: